The Caller

The Caller

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The Caller

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Just before we fly home from Alberta, my aunt and uncle came over to celebrate his 70th birthday. My Uncle Murray has been a square dance caller since his teens. I finished this song about 20 min before they arrived and played it the first time after dinner for him.
This is the video


The Caller
Sean McGaughey © August 12, 2019 ¾ country waltz in C
For Uncle Murray’s 70th birthday

C C/B Am Am/G
He packs up the pickup with boxes of records,
a pair of turntables, and a PA
C C/B Am Am/G
and sets out early across the prairies
F F G G7
to a village hall where the dancers gather at the end of the day.

Bow to your partner, Bow to your corner
Allemande left, circle right.
F C C/B Am
Dosado, Back to your partner
and promenade on home.

He rides the foothills six legged,
Connected as brothers, horse and man
If a square can be made among the gathered riders
He calls a horseback dance, out on the land.


When the high school boys
were playing Be-bop-lua
G Am
He was down in basement, honing his craft.
G Am Am/G
For fifty years, he’s travelled the highways
F G G7
Ready for the couples who wanted to dance.


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the video is perfect for the song. i enoyed it as much as the song, which reminded me of the songs the great Guy Clark used to write.

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The history of square dance is not my forte but I like the gentle melody and the lyrics that clearly are an hommage to the old days. Video adds a cozy warm feeling and to see your family and relatives with you makes the music and performance very real, not just sounds on headphones. I enjoyed this one.

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Nice tribute! For me it is always a bit dicey playing a song for the first time for family.

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So nice to see you performing for your family! It certainly evokes a time and place. "Connected as brothers, horse and man" is a great line.