Fine tune

Fine tune

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Liner Notes: 

I've been experimenting with making songs using the OP-Z and my guitar (going through an Empress Zoia for effects). It's a minimalist setup, especially because I can use a Zoom H4n Pro to mix and record everything, so everything is extremely portable.

I was invited to play a couple songs on the 30th, and my plan is to compose a few songs this week with this setup to perform. This one might be one of them, though I think it needs a bit more work.



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Love the guitar lines fits perfect with that synth lead. also pretty cool setup you got!

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Wow! I was into this right away. Such a lush song, so many sounds to appreciate. And that guitar is big and bold and wonderfully twangy. Lots of sci-fi spaciness, yet also very organic somehow - like the soundtrack to a run on the beach.