She Needs An Exorcism!

She Needs An Exorcism!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, this woman thought it was nice day...but then she seen a demon. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


She Needs An Exorcism

She Needs An Exorcism
She don't like the demons messaging system
She Needs An Exorcism
It was turned on and she went numb

She has been in bed all day
Keeping herself away
She had to be restrained
But she spotted the large chain


She was worn out
She had all the evil she can think about
Then the night after next
She rose up and tested her arms and legs

She kicked off the sheets
Her shouts turned into screams
She'll be doing some levaiation
It was working through her system

She spent the whole month
Looking completely stunned
If she thought everything was normal
And this affair had a strange sequel
She was sickened with evil

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That's nicely put together. I thought is was sort of funny--but I guess that would depend on the performance. Is she going to be dragging that chain around?

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Looking at the lyrics...I like the line "she don't like the demons messaging system". Also, "She'll be doing some levitation" Definitely, has the classic horror feel without the green pea soup. I have some sound effects that would work well with this. Good job Jimmy.

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This has a deliciously dark campy feel that is really a delight to read. Can’t wait to hear the music!