Sea of Longing

Sea of Longing

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Liner Notes: 

Trying to practice singing by doing rounds on GB.

This is not a pure round as I put an extra layer in and moved a few things around.


walking on
the shore
at the edge of
sand and water
luring me
into deep
thoughts about my
love for her

waves rise up
roll over me
pull me into
an untamed sea

waves rise up
crash over...over me
drown me within this
wild sea..

sea of
I can't
seem to
get enough
of her

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You are sounding good lady! These rounds are working-it gives me goosebumps! Bravo!

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ooh...that's nice. I like the overall atmosphere and the way it rolls around and over itself, like the ocean, I guess.

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Looking at the lyrics...nice visual walking on the shore at the edge of the sand and water. Chorus now...oh wow, the visual is like being pulled out to sea. That works nicely but totally unexpected. The last section addresses the untamed wild sea, love, and desire. Very nice. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Vocals...sound good...ocean sound...good melody...harmony now...crash over me...wild sea...untamed wild...more harmony...has a wave sound background....walking on the shore...harmony....very nice melody...good mix...little hard to understand near the end...but still sounds good...waves rise up...over me...quite unique sound...soothing vocals...walking on the shore at the edge of sand and water...washing over the edge of sand and water...ok, it's over now...yeah, I like it. Sounds really good and quite unique. This definitely has a beach sound.

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Very nice! A good bit of complexity. I like the amount of variation between parts that gives an interesting interplay. The strings and waves make a nice atmospheric bed. It's also appealing when those drop out temporarily. You do this song form very well!

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Yeah this is nice
I too got goosebumps,
I just closed my eyes and
it got my imagination working
well done

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Rounds and part singing are great for practicing vocal independence, audiation, and pitch accuracy. This is lovely. It reminds me more of a countermelody, like Simon and Garfunkel's Scarborough Fair with the Canticle in the middle. I love the accompaniment too. Really atmospheric.

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Great mysterious instrumentation and very intriguing vocalisation. Gorgeous lyrics

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Nice does of prosody, here, having the rolling sounds and the rolling lyrics. It's very pretty and romantic.