Hi, I'm Here to See Miss Ammut

Hi, I'm Here to See Miss Ammut

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The naked soul
A sacred scroll
The rhapsody
A feather lies
Upon the scales
Of judgement day

Do you know
Who are you now
Do you know
Who did you want to be

What did you do with your time
Was there reason and rhyme
Did you brew your own truth
In the cauldron of youth

Even through this heavy weather
Keep your soul light as a feather

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Very nice intro, the bell sounds giving an eastern feeling. A bit exotic with the reedy synth. I like the meditative music with lyrics that makes you think. Good idea here too. When times are bad you do need something to balance it and to give hope. You go nuts otherwise!

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Wow! This is really cool! Love the bass coming in following the great marimba like sound and your vocals are brilliant in this. The lyrics are absolutely gorgeous! I am really loving the sound of the layers here. Cool as the keys come in for those last two lines - love the repetition. Great song!!!

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Very nice piece. Moves very cleverly through piece by piece. Into to vocals to build to finale.
I particularly like the build to the end starting from the 2 minute mark.

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I like the really warm bass and kick with those brassy metallophones and bright synth sound. The harmony is really cool too. And the lyrics are excellent. Simple, but not simplistic. They left me thinking.

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I had to hear another of your songs!
Sweetly spooky and alluring, with an insistent low end that pulls me right along, and I'm enjoying the ride.