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Liner Notes: 

I guess I just needed to get out some aggression tonight. I started playing with a new song in Drop D and before I knew it I was making a strange angry manifesto about taking back the country using the same means employed to keep us down. The song is full of angst and irony, and I believe a pretty catchy tune.

I marked it NSFW, not because there is profanity; there is none, (although there's a slur) but there are lyrics that are not PC or office friendly.

To the religious folk out there - I don't know, maybe I'm not the artist for you. If you listen, I appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

- G Slade - 08/11/2019 -

PS - Audio Sample credit goes to James Corden

PPS - I do not condone violence. The lyrics here represent a therapeutic outburst.


Intro - James Corden

Verse 1

Let freedom ring, Everybody sing
We ain't takin' nothin' from the GOP
You wanna save the world, start packin' heat
Leave Mitch McConnel face down in the streets

March! March! Fight! Fight!
Take back the day, Take back the night
We don't have a choice, we must resist
God don't hate fags, cause he doesn't exist

Verse 2

Children of America, Children of the World
All the little boys, All the little girls,
Who's gonna save them all from the perverts
When pastors are knockin' up teens at church

Rich getting richer, churches getting bigger,
Starvation in the streets, who's the real sinner
Catch me in the streets, catch me with a glock
Cleaning out the congregation, POP POP POP

Verse 3

Blow up an abortion clinic, call it pro life,
Grown men beating on their children and their wife,
Wife strikes back - goes to jail for life
In the USA that's what we call equal rights

In the USA we point to stars and stripes
But most girls at 12, already scarred for life
I'm hearin' Feminism makes a hateful group
Well if that's true, I guess I'm hateful too


My country tis' of thee
Land of evil hypocrisy
From sea to shining sea
We handle our problems so violently

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Great piece of work. Great production of a powerful lyric. all the elements of a real top song!

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Great job. I really like how you used the audio sample at the start, and I agree that it is a pretty catchy tune! I especially like the chorus

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Slade Against The Machine!
The lyrics are spot on. I was slightly irritated by the ‘Cleaning out the congregation’ part, since gun violence is not the way to solve problems like … gun violence. I do understand the impulse though. Or maybe the irony was intended.
Cool use of FX by the way.