One Thing I Fear

One Thing I Fear

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Liner Notes: 

This one, I'll admit, is not particularly original. I wrote a bluegrass song about this particular fear a few 50/90s ago, and I used almost the same chord progression for a piano song I posted yesterday. But I had the uke nearby and this is what came out in about 10 minutes. (Oh, I'm not trashing my song, either - I like it! Just a couple disclaimers about how I created it.)


Finally got over well almost
My fear of flying
And I used to lie awake worrying about dying
As you see I’m still here
But one thing I fear
Is to run out of beer

I can walk in the woods not thinking too much
about spider bites
I stay away from ladders but I’m not as scared of heights
What sends chills to my heart
Is to be far apart from beer

What if my fridge was lonely and bare
What if friends came over and I had to share
What if the store ran out of my favorites one night
And I had to settle for something light

I went to therapy got over my shit
Well, most of it - but one thing I’ll admit
One thing I’ll make clear
One thing I still fear is to run out of beer

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Thats a really scary thought! :-). Been in abstinence of late (darned calories) but its still there in case! Clever play on all the fears. Good skirmish.

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Beer makes everything better Wink Fun song and perfect delivery!

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Ha ! what a sweet and fun song Smile
I love how you semi read it, it seems to really suit the subject. Way cute Smile

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It is a frightening thought. Your fun song reminds me of long ago on the road playing in Canada during a beer strike. That's a scary situation.

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Hi Chip, I always use the same patterns and so does everybody else. I think it comes down to a particular style that you are good at and why change something that is proven to work. Just thoughts and let's look at your song.

Looking at the last line is the twist and makes this really fun. Also, that first verse is very visual too...nice. lol...the beer line again is a killer. We have the spider bites and climbing up ladders. lol...I don't like lite beer. The last section is a crack up too and it comes off very clear...the fear of running out of beer. Excellent Chip. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Uke intro...vocals now...spoken you see I'm still hear...singing is to run out of those chords...I think it is diminished? What sends chills through my heart is to be far apart from beer. Can clearly understand the lyrics...but one thing I'll admit, one thing I'll make clear, one thing I still fear, is to run out of beer...nice outro playing. Great job on this Chip!

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ha, funny stuff! perfect spoken/sung delivery for this, too!
and love that diminished chord in the uke that gives this a sophistication - and love the jazz-standard-era bridge!

great work!

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Well, I should have read the lyric as I literally laughed out loud at the last line of the first verse (the refrain.) The serious delivery works so well. Nicely done.

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Love it! Fine sense of comedic delivery and some nice lines of crooning thrown in there too. Cool chord choices all the way through.

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this is a fear indeed
I just loved it
clever write