I’m Going To Burst Your Bubble

I’m Going To Burst Your Bubble

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Liner Notes: 

If you are farther down in the Anti-Syn Challenge wait until your turn to listen...

So my task was to do an anti-song to the amazing singer/songwriter Wobbie Wobbit’s song “Toxic Bubble” which is a such great song that I totally related too...


Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it?

Thus, it was very hard for me to do an anti-to her song as my songwriting and musical skills are not close to her caliber and her song was such a great social commentary that I couldn’t disagree with easily..

So for the anti, I simply changed up the focus to be much more liberal/left directive in my viewpoint, less compassionate toward a different viewpoint, and did a demo that is not a wonderful folk rock ballad like hers is but rather something different.... something different that I don’t know how to classify ....I tried for more of an angry heavy metal rock feel but since I can’t really sing heavy metal I rapped it kind of - so it is like a pseudo old women’s idea of a heavy metal rap song (and I’m sure that is a genre or if not yet, I have no doubt it will be) ....


I’m Going To Burst Your Bubble
we’ll lock you in a big bubble
send you away with no trouble
launch you far in outer space
get you out of our face...

you bait to bicker and squabble
but no, we aren’t that gullible
we seek hearts that are expanding
thrive on love and understanding

your bubble is full of anger and hate
you attack, don’t tolerate
we’ll make a bubble you can’t penetrate
send you away, watch your ego deflate

we’ve had open hearts and minds
heard your thoughts and tried to be kind
but your ideas are so abhorrent
we need a stronger deterrent

your bubble has toxins we can’t mitigate
your poison kills and irritates
we’ll make a bubble you can’t escape
reduce oxygen so your thoughts dissipate

in your toxic bubble contraption
there’s constriction contraction of your narrow minded faction
with self-satisfaction and knee-jerk reactions
there’s racism bigotry venom and spite
sexist stupidity of your hostile far-right
now we need to add more kryptonite...

your bubble is fueled by your hate filled church
but that’s not God’s love, it’s the worst
we’ll make you a bubble that is cursed
on a self timer to destruct and burst

we can’t stand the far-right
you’re so damn wrong
we are so right

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I rather like the sound of this one. Your rap is pretty dang good. I like the effects on your voice and the heavy beat.

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Wow, rap song with a strong rhythm, strong and kinda spooky too. Very cool and dramatic take on skirmish.

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I think the vocals are fantastic. Smile