I Missed The Point

I Missed The Point

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote the set of lyrics in one go and then set them to music in one go. It's part therapy, part an exercise in how to avoid rhyming.


Darling, I missed the point of love
When I wanted to win your respect
When I wanted to hide what I was
Tried to make you believe I was more

Darling, I missed the point of love
When I wanted to stay out of sight
When I wanted to outrun your scorn
Tried to make out like I was okay

I missed the point
I wore us out
I let my heart leave your side

Darling, I didn't understand love
When I put my own mind over yours
When I thought one of us must be wrong
Tried to make you see how it was you

Darling, I didn't understand love
When I tried to need nothing at all
When I hid my own pain from us both
Didn't bring it to you and submit

I missed the point
I ground us down
I let us fade into dark

I could have risked losing you
For the chance to save us
But I tried to risk nothing at all

When my secrets got bigger than us
When I wouldn't share my own heart
When I wouldn't show you my face
I missed the point of love

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It's really hard to write without rhyming once you get in the habit of it.

Really pretty and heartbreaking.

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Although I don't pay much attention to rhyme in my writing, I think if I sat and deliberately tried to write a song with zero rhymes, I'd struggle. This is really beautiful, great chord progression, great sense of dynamics, one of my favourite 50/90 things I've heard.

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So many relationship ending songs are just about the heartbreak and not much about what happened, and what could be learned. This is deep and wise and beautiful. I was present for every syllable. You floor me, all the time. But this is a whole lightyear beyond. Thank you for sharing your therapy and your gorgeous music.

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Your singing on this is wonderful and the lyric is brave for so many reasons. Awesome!

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The sparse arrangement makes the lyrics hit harder than they would have otherwise. With the fingerpicked guitar and the gentle melody, it's got a very "rainy day" kind of vibe to it. Almost reminds me of some of Jack White's acoustic songs, like "You've Got Her in Your Pocket".The self reflection is uncommon and very refreshing to hear. It hits even harder once the vocal gets louder around 1:30. Very powerful. Trying to avoid rhyming is an interesting exercise and I might have to give it a shot myself! Great song.