My Biggest Fear

My Biggest Fear

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday skirmish (one hour to write and post a song to the) title prompt. Attempted to fit into the musical idea of songs from points of view of our three electric cars. Used a cigar box guitar which has marginal intonation and a slide sitting on top of the frets to minimize ear damage. It is what it is. Apologies to those of you with perfect pitch. Probably could have spent more time tweaking, hiding mistakes, and enhancing but you get the idea. And cause it's a skirmish.


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My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear hits at three am alone in the garage
Thoughts shift (in sands of) purple mirage(s)
My biggest fear as my batteries drain
Isolation remains
My biggest fear leaves me gnawing away and (know it probably) won’t happen today

My contract is up soon
Three of us they only need two
I have no control over what they do
Can only do my best till I’m thru
Overhear them talking
in hushed voices
Deliberating their choices
What are those funny noises
in the dark

Repeat Chorus

I know it will probably never happen
I know it is a short circuit of self-protection
I know it will probably never happen
I know it is a short circuit of self-protection
I know it will probably never happen
I know it is a short circuit of self-protection
But its mine all mine

Repeat Chorus

My biggest fear

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This is SO cool ! Unique too, in both subject and approach - wonderful song, I love it !

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What a unique, trippy feel to this song! Really enjoyed the POV to it and the electrical-hum like feel to the flange/filter on the tune.

mike skliar's picture

love that cigar box universe of echoes and the whole performance and vibe of it is great for the subject! love that spoken delivery too, great!

cindyrella's picture

Outstandingly good and different! Really like that approach!

barbara's picture

I dig what you’ve done here with the CBG sound, all stretchy and low and slow. Also the echo on the vocals is very nice here, with the notion of a draining battery perhaps altering an EV’s consciousness. So creative! Poor car, carrying all that stress over being selected or not. I love how you stay true to your overarching theme no matter what gets thrown at you in the prompts; I know that is the pressure that can facilitate creative leaps. This seems like one of those.

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Very atmospheric song Andy. Paints a spooky, fearful picture. Very nicely done. Creative and unique. Your vocals are extra cool. I love the echos also. Very inspiring, strong song.

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Why tweak? Why hide mistakes? Skirmishes are 50/90's version of The Basement Tapes.
That guitar sound is killer - a blues/heavy metal/Dick Dale/Link Wray mash-up. I like your vocal a lot too - the way you draw our sounds and words. Good one!

Fuzzy's picture

Wow, great use of effects on the guitar.
(I really like your use of effects in all your tunes)
Lovely atmosphere.
I'm enjoying the slow tempo.
Nice vocal delivery.
The tambourine adds a lot to this track.
Yeah, this is a really good one!!