Purple Passion Phantasy (Color Song #3)

Purple Passion Phantasy (Color Song #3)

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My third in a "color" series of songs. I kinda like this one. 60's pop


I saw you at the bus stop
Watched you get on board
I knew I had to try and catch your eye

So I hopped on and smiled at you
You blushed red, but I’ll be blue
If we’re not together, you and I

Be my Purple Passion Phantasy
You’re the perfect one for me
Violet, Plum, Lavender mulberry
How colorful the world will be

You think life is drab and gray
Wish a twister would whisk you away
Up to Oz, or some other land

I said “Just look all around
Bright sunshine can be found
Open your eyes and heart, take my hand”

Be my Purple Passion Phantasy
Flowers, music, love - all are free
Heliotrope Lilac Burgundy
How colorful the world will be

I’ll be your Purple Passion Phantasy
Your red, my blue in perfect harmony
Weaving a beautiful tapestry
How colorful the world will be

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this falls somewhere between the indigenous psychedelia of the san francisco bands and the mainstream exploitation of the trend by studio bands in LA. in other words.... a wholly original re imaging of the period.

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Nice groove and contrast between verse and chorus. Like the colour theme.

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Very trippy music and a fun lyric -- did you leave out any shades of purple? I enjoyed listening to it all, guitar, beat, vocals, etc.

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I kinda LOVE this one! What a great 60s feel! I can see you in high boots, purple mini skirt singing this on one of those TV variety shows in the 60s with a swirling back drop. This really captures an era. Great vibe and wonderful lyrics! Why do I suddenly feel like go-go dancing?

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This made me feel like I was listening to Carly Simon, love the vocal on it, great rhythm, really like the instrumental break. Agree that it has a 60's feel, but in my world of songwriting, it is totally new age!! LOL! These color songs are great!