My Biggest Fear!

My Biggest Fear!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, here is a song about my biggest fear. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


My Biggest Fear

I'm going to get a bad sprain
I'll wake up this morning I'll hurt all over
I'll be reliving the pain
I can't release my legs and shoulders

My Biggest Fear
I don't want to stay in here
My Biggest Fear
In the bedroom I'll slow down to a standstill

I'll be busy with them tonight
It's an evening I simply won't like
I know it would be tough
While I'm using an ice pack and that stuff


I'm resting those areas
I got them up on a couple of pillows
I'm just happy to have extra
I'll finish these routines tomorrow
Buying these things wasn't a bad idea

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I know that feeling when I've been building a lot of IKEA furniture... Biggrin

Nice write and very visual/relatable lyric.

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Ha ha @metalfoot @ IKEA furniture !
Fear of being stuck in your bedroom in pain.... not sure I could cope with being stuck in my bedroom forever Sad The pain I can deal with, being stuck, no Sad
I do like your chorus. I think it's pretty strong.

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Oh, the fear of confinement and pain and being debilitated all at once! It’s not a nice evening at all!! But taking it all in good stride (pardon the pun!), with appreciating the abundance of pillows!

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Yeah my body is slowing. That slow would worry me. Good concept and good lyric to support it.

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Looking at the lyrics...The first verse shows the anticipation that something bad is going to happen today. The chorus is pretty scary and suggests the possibility of death if you don't get out of that room. The second verse sounds like a person who is in pain every day. I can totally relate to that as I know several people, including in my family, going through agony ever single day. The bridge adds a little more visual with the pillows. Great job on this!