Suddenly Smelling The Feast!

Suddenly Smelling The Feast!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, I just had something to eat but here is a song about a Feast. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


Suddenly He Smelled The Feast

Suddenly Smelling The Feast
He Got something to eat
Suddenly Smelling The Feast
He is not use to the kitchen heat

A tray had gone out of the stove
It was exciting cos it was so close
He was cooking alone, roasting
It was the tray he is holding


His eyes went to the microwave
But he used the stove today
It wasn't a quiet meal
His hands will heal

He is cooling down the burn
He's got a band aid on the burn
It was a horrific burn
He took a quick seat
Suddenly Smelling The Feast

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This is quirky and has a lot of energy! I like how I'm thrown right in to the middle of a story and I want to know more about this character and the world he inhabits. It could be a part of a musical or some kind of kitchen Concept Album

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Looking at the lyrics...he is not used to the kitchen heat jumps out in the chorus. Later in the bridge, we find out he had burned his hand, a horrific burn, used a band-aid, and took a I like this Jimmy, great job!

Ow, ow, ow! I wasn't sure where this was going at first, but I caught on pretty fast. The tone of this is brutal - a death metal band would be the perfect choice to record something like this, I reckon.