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Liner Notes: 

There was this guy in my neighborhood of Norfolk where I grew up who always had a certain swagger about him. He dressed nice. Women adored him. The men respected him. He had a confidence that was high-bar. He smoked Newport Menthol. He had a ring on his pinky finger, but he wasn't a pimp and by no means was he clockin' (selling drugs). The dude was just...cool. Ladies and gentlemen: Ed.

How I did it:
Recorded and mixed using Studio One Professional
Drum programming and percussion: Me and loop assistant
Bass: Schecter and Sakooa
Guitar: Squire by Fender
Virtual instrument: Organ
MIDI controller: Alesis
Horns: Chopped and mixed by me
Ed: Vocal courtesy of Tony Brown (What It Is! 70s analog funk project).


That's right...
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Those horns take this over the top. Man, I can hear this behind the coolest of cool scenes in a movie. When introducing the street savvy side character that steals the show or even when the girl first appears on screen walking down the street in semi-slo-mo with her hair waving behind her. A perfect backdrop. You should definitely put this in a sync library to get it used on somewhere, some way. Too cool for a Sunday morning sleepy listen, for sure.

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i can see this guy strutting down the avenue, answering thats right to every thing he sees and hears. maybe he is not a pimp, but the music would be perfect for the strolling pimp in a 1970s blaxsploitation movie. love that sax solo.

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Oh, gorgeous song Craig, makes me smile ear to ear. Love the vibes here. It is so 70's and yet with Craig's special flavour. Can't not love it. Every instrument is so wonderful and I just don't know which one I like more, every single one adds to the flavour and gives such a great atmosphere, dynamic, happy, uplifting. Great sax solo. I'll back to listen again, and again, and again... You are a super star!

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This is so much fun and brings back some memories of that time. I love it!

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I've often commented to people that their song would make great driving music; your track here would make great.... walking music.
Lovely sax solo for sure.
Those horn stabs are gold!
Ed seems to have a limited vocabulary.... I guess he's so cool he doesn't need to say any more!
Really nice!!

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First, pretty detailed liner notes about Ed...that's cool.

Sounds 60s soul...that's right...sounds great...love it. The horns and keys and that bass...really good. Love the horns the best I think...changeup now...guitar coming in...sounds good. Keys still grooving...definitely a toe tapper...sax now...sounds great...that's right...man, I love the 60s sound the best...that's right...works for me....bass continues to be solid holding the track together...and haven't mentioned the drums yet...they sound excellent too. Ok, it's over...well done CTS, I enjoyed this a lot. You make awesome music.

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Love it!!!! as everyone else said, this is wonderfully cinematic, we can all just picture the scene !

This is awesome!! Incredibly smooth and incredibly groovy, had me dancing in my seat the whole way through. I love the horns especially. Fantastic work!

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Well dang, that's not a demo, sounds like the whole finished thing - awesomeness! I'm really drawn to the organ. Oh, and that guitar. Oh wait, the bass. Oh, so good!

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Those horns are definitely pimpin. Guitar very tastefully played, funky bass, saxamaphone solo! Excellent arrangement too - makes me think of a long Cadillac, maybe painted shiny green, driving slowly down the block Biggrin Nice!

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Very cool vibe the whole way through and somehow I didn't get tired of hearing "That's right!" Fun listen!

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The complete package with that liner notes. It paints a big picture. Very cool

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I clicked the song thinking it would be about E--you know--D, but quite the opposite. In fact those horns put a little brass in the ding-dong.
I just love this classic sound and your production skills are shining here.

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Has that same kind of pocket groove that I feel when I listen to something like Green Onions or the like.
Great horns!
Digging the solo/riffage.
Excellent usage of that sax - you say chopped and mixed, so that's a sample you used and manipulated it to do your bidding? If so, great call on where to put it and how to utilize, AND picking the sample itself.
Of course, the ending made me want some full-on James Brown-esque treatment Smile
My grandfather's name was Eddie and he was basically what you described here; my Uncle (one of his sons) is also named Ed and this was him in his younger days. So all kinds of images and feels with this one! lol

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The only time I've come across music like this in imported US cop shows from the 1970s.
So I have a certain nostalgia for this kinda sound, even if in hindsight it accompanied stereotypical TV nonsense.
I enjoyed this, it's a rarity to find it here.

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The horns sound great! I don't know how you managed to chop those but it works out superb, very skillful. Love the organ too, and great mix, it sounds so organic!