Go to Him

Go to Him

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Liner Notes: 

A narco cop loses his girlfriend to a drug dealer.


I heard the toilet flush
Before I made the bust
Now if you must, you must
Go to him

I know without a doubt
Hes the one who got you strung out
Dont just sit and pout
Go to him

He ust might be the one for you
And I am your nemesis
I am the one who truly loved you
Too bad it has come to this

He will never see the things in you I saw
Before he beat me to the draw
Now that youre on the wrong side of the law
Go to him

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I love that downward action in the verse melody. Lyrically, it tells the story well and it has some details I wouldn't expect but that uses the 'make the specific show the universal' story line very well. I don't see/hear the AABA song form too often here in 50/90 (or anywhere much anymore) but it works well here. Nice chording underneath as well. This one is a good one.

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Great story here! I can picture this clearly- her leaving to go off with him. Nice!

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lol...the liner notes already have me laughing.

Looking at the lyrics...several good rhymes in the first flush, bust, must..and the go to him hook. The second section gives more details regarding strung-out and has the same pattern of rhyme scheme. The next section acknowledges breakup. The last part mentions the wrong side of the law and go to him. Very clever Bill and I don't know how you consistently deliver with your writing. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar intro...sounds good...vocals now...I heard the toilet flush before I made the bust....can clearly understand the lyrics....he might be the one for you....sounds good...I like the vocals...I'm the one who truely loves you...it's too bad it comes to this....before he beat me to the draw...wrong side of the law so go to him....harmonica now...nice touch...sounds Dylan....he might be the one for you....and I'm just your number.....but I'm the one who really loves you....its too bad it's come to this...well done Bill...now your on the wrong side of the law so go to him....and out. Excellent Bill, I like it a lot.

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Very straightforward message with an easy fix, "go to him". I think the hook is a good one. I like the harmonica. Adds a nice flavor to it. Heartfelt and honest delivery.

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Great idea for a song ... lyrics are clever and funny. Music catchy, and I love the harmonica! Nice one.

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I like the way you stall in places, bet A. Alexander will approve as much as I do.

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Musically ( AABA structure, chords, melody ) this is a classic 30s 40s big band song ( could be a smaller jazz combo too ). Lyrics are nothing like a big band. They have that dark conflicting emotions and seedy drama of noir movies. Or maybe Cole Porter wrote this before the publisher told him songs with drugs and cops don't sell well. Smile

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its a very pretty melodic song - this time you stayed away from obvious by being more obvious. a good story well told. Not sure of the era but it has the comfortableness of a simpler time! very good

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Great break up song. Lovely bitterness in the performance almost as if you are spitting out the song . Awesome

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I love this song! The harmonica surprised me - it's beautiful.

Another wispy pop feel near do wop, standards even, tune, happy upbeat contrasting possibly not so much happy in the lyric meaning. Smile