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Liner Notes: 

This is one of the more ambitious songs I've attempted. It's a rock song that incorporates more riffs than any of my previous tracks. I've been working at getting stronger on lead guitar, and I'm happy with where I'm going and with the output on this song.

The subject of the song ended up being MLK's Dream. I think the dream is yet to be realized, and we as humans need to never stop trying to make that dream come true.

Every single person on the planet is worthy of a chance to live their best life. Who are you to say otherwise?

It's definitely a demo. There's a few vocal warts and mixing snafu's in there, but it's a nice start. I'm wanting this is a lead track on my follow up album to "Dadbod Saves the World". (Available on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, iTues, etc.)


Intro - MLK Jr. - "I Have a Dream" Speech

Verse 1

I have a dream Martin Luther King,
That we all get together so the world can sing,
Don't matter who you are, Don't matter who you love,
When we all get together, then we all rise up,

No matter what you've been through, no matter who you pray to,
Celebrate if you're straight or L G B T Q
Money ain't a thang, cause you can't take it with you,
Let the world sang, and may all your dreams come true,


We got the dream
- Ain't nobody gonna stop us
- You can try but you're faulter
- A brighter day is coming
- Everybody's Welcomed

Verse 2

Keep chasin' dreams, don't let anybody stop you
LOVE IS LOVE and that's the beat that we rock to
A world without borders, free to explorers
Let freedom ring on a new world order

Take a chance on love, have faith in one another
Have faith when you're down that you will recover
So many freedoms still undiscovered
I still have a dream and I won't go under

Verse 3

How dare you hate on anyone cause they're different
How'd you get the right to make them feel insignificant
I can answer that, YOU DON'T, SO STOP
Here's my advice, to you - GET LOST

I'm here to spread the word, and the word is love,
I love all the moms giving out free hugs,
Fly those flags, SHOW YOUR PRIDE
Everyone on Earth has the right to be alive

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Any song opening with MLK's words, grabs my heart, and so does this song! One of these days, I hope we are all truly free. Great song!

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nice work, what a positive and inclusive message! the verses have a great rhythm to them and you did a nice change for the choruses.. (and i think you meant to type 'you try but you'll falter' (?) )

just a random thought here, --it's great that you included a good minute or so of the MLK speech, but if you use this track as part of your 'official album later, you may run into copyright problems- maybe you don't need the long MLK sample? (as great as it is, of course)

nice work! nice guitar work too!

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yeah this is a statement that I put my stamp on
we are all equal, boy girl black white alien
love the message you give out here possitive

loved the song

Good one, very good. When I used this MLK in a video on YouTube (pretty strict) - I got the sample from the Library of Congress, which is all public domain, to my understanding — so, good for you. Love is love, isn’t it (?)

Many of my friends who were engaging hate for the last 50 or so years are never happy to then see the hate they faught — show up on their “side”, as “their side” ... per their fight, it isn’t and recognize “difference” is not “hate” and that is the argument - to be different, all. To fight that means to keep the fight not the peace.

Conformity to any side, keeps the fight not the peace. Birds will never walk and fish never fly - so what? Smile

Anyway, we’ll done, we’ll done.