From the snow-covered mountains

From the snow-covered mountains

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Liner Notes: 

A quick jam with the Volca Sample (percussion), Volca Keys (Bass) and my guitar. The guitar and Volca Keys are going through the Empress Zoia for effects (delay on the guitar and distortion on the bass).

I wanted to use the song mode of the Volca Sample, similar to what I've been doing with the OP-Z. It's much more limited, but nevertheless (or maybe because of that) fun to jam with it.



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Actually, there is a certain background quiet that reminds me of being in the mountains. But it's the twang that got me Smile

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I like that intro and that bassy synth pad is killer. The twang is what brings home the mountains for me. I'm listening to this for the third time and I am finding it very fulfilling... not the right word, but it sits in just the right spot for me.

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Cool sounds here! I like that thing that is prominent in the beginning that sounds kind of like a zipper, then it goes more to the background - I have no idea what that is. The Volca keys? Guitar sounds great - really enjoyed that.