Missing 60s' Vibes

Missing 60s' Vibes

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Amanda for the inspiration. Thank you to everyone who is listening to my instrumental tune with some 60s' vibes (hopefully). Please let me know if you hear a potential for a song.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very lovely and yes, I think very 60's! Nice one Nadia!

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I especially found the 'chorus' section very 60s. To me this sounds like music for a story telling style of song, as the melody aready seems to tell it's own story.

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Nice pretty piece of music. Would fit the era i targeted, 65/66 ish

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Such a pretty motif, reminiscent of Satie, but a bit more jazz in the feel. Pensive, maybe a tad forlorn, but a confidence there as well. I like the changes that come in after 2:30 also. Glad to hear your piano!

This is so pretty! It has a very somber sort of mood, somehow it brings to mind the image of sitting alone in a diner, watching the rain fall outside as you wait for someone who, you're starting to think, may not be coming after all. I love your piano playing, I ended up listening to this quite a few times. Excellent work!

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A bit somber; a little pensive and moody, but it still delivers a 60s kinda vibe. I keep hearing some tambourine moments here and there. It's a lovely tune and you've added some nice touches at the 2:50 mark. I enjoyed the listen and I'll more than likely listen to it a few more times. Interesting fade out, too. Wasn't expecting that...

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You really captured the essence of Beatles' music of the 66-69 years - especially around Abbey Road period. Really wonderful work, Nadia