Donut Town

Donut Town

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Liner Notes: 

I had this descending piano melody in my head - I'm sure it's lifted from something and heavily modified, but I've no idea what!

And then I had to add donut politics!


And as the sun rises on another day in donut town
With lots of happy places
and lots of happy faces
And no, absolutely no, little frowns.

I’m the mayor of donut town
And I want to know why
I want to know why

He thinks that he can wear his donut crown
And I want to know why
He thinks he’s so sly

We all know that it was his late wife
That ruled us with compassion till her last rites

And yet before her coffin was even out of sight
He’s peepin on my cousin

And as the noontime bells ring across the donut capital
Things appeared to be getting a little spicy
The mayor’s cousin was of eligible age and not coerced
It’s just that there was some history there

I’m the king of donut land
And I want to know why
I want to know why

Why those donut holes are all so mad
And I want to know why
This is the worst of the bad

We all know he’s been after my throne for years
We all know his town is in total arrears

And yet before our audience date arrives
He seeks to move against my side?

And as another sun sets over donut land
Things were getting a little out of hand
Much more than your narrator had planned
And as the king’s men’s stations were manned...

Donut battle
Donut battle
Donut donut donut battle!

Rising up
back on the street
Did my frying, took my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet

So many times, it happens too slow
Don't lose your grip on the donuts of the past
You must fight to keep them alive

Or die

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The chord progression /descending keyboard riff is a classic, for sure. Great storytelling and fun arrangement.

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This is like a mini-opera with all the different characters and voices. A great riff that carries the whole song nicely. I like the happy organ and how the music follows the story. "Donat holes" hah, there are lots of donut holes around and they're mad. Lovely, funny and very clever.

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Its really good. Its a piece of music you think you know but cant place. Really enjoyed this! Pretty epic!

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A Shakespearean drama set in Donut Land!!
Great story here.
I like the happy little organ and piano lines!
A really engaging and appealing track you got here.
This is part of the reason why I love FAWM and 50/90 so much; lots of bizarre music I couldn't hear anywhere else.
Excellent job!

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Wonderfully quirky and campy with really great story telling. Such creative and clever lyrics.... love those different voices and the energy in this song! Donut battle! This songs is a delicious and delightful as a chocolate frosted cream filled doughnut with rianbow sprinkles!