On His Best Behavior!

On His Best Behavior!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Jimmy sent me this a few days ago and we're trying to finish up this CD project. I have room for 2 more songs after this one. When I first saw this I was kind of confused until I realized that the dude got knocked out behind the bar and was seeing stars...lol.

Production notes: You know the drill...4 hours.

Side note tip: For right handed lead guitar players...don't be a dumb ass and cut your finger nails on your right hand. I did that yesterday and it screwed up my playing today with my lead guitar. Yes, I definitely do use my fingers and a pick when playing lead guitar.


On His Best Behavior

On His Best Behavior
He'll find his body behind the bar
On His Best Behavior
Where there is lots and lots of stars

He was going nowhere
After throwing the wooden chairs
Right now he doesn't care
Lashing out now to swear


He knows what he has to do
While he is willing to argue
Pound his fist correctly
Kick his legs around firmly

He put a lot of energy
Blocking the first punch
He Turned his head more sharply
With a hit and crunch
As he feels lucky
On His Best Behavior

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I'm digging that guitar, both in sound and playing. It's a little frenetic/frantic which I like. That's a great title and a darn fine angle to write it from.

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Cool rock song. Acoustic rhythm guitar leaves more space to electric lead guitar and it's great again. Catchy chorus and I also like the bridge on this one. Good production. Only four hours? That's pretty fast.
Jimmy's lyrics are really fine. Title is great and it has good rhythm. "Lots and lots of stars" is an awesome line and I can see this man lying on the ground after the fight cooling down: " Wow, stars!". Another totally tubular collab.

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new demo I like it. Your lead guitar sounds awesome.

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Lovable chorus and great guitar playing, despite of the finger nail thing. I like how this is about an angry man and the prepared energy coming from that second verse.