Like Bees in a Hive

Like Bees in a Hive

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Liner Notes: 

Just some of the silly things I have thought while trying to sleep. Needs some fun music.


Like Bees in a Hive
© 2019 Cindy Prince

My body's tired
My mind is not
I keep thinking
Every kind of thought

What is 17x87?
Why do I care?
I wonder if I should
Buy me new underwear?

My thoughts go
Round and round
Forward, backward
Sure to confound
Buzzing, swarming
Like bees in a hive
Silly, crazy
And their going to drive... me insane

Grocery lists
What have I missed?
Oil change on car?
What's the difference
Between a Czar and Tsar?

What's my password
For Tumbler and Twitter?
When was it my daughter
Was needing a sitter?

Did Washington really
Have wooden teeth?
What was my coach's name
When I was thirteen?

Repeat chorus

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Oh! Ha. Yes...these things do pop up, don't they, when the mind is idle. A lot of fun lines in this! Good analogy to bees buzzing and swarming!

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Hey cindy love it

yeah same as me I get all sorts of thoughts
like this, they are the fun side of lyrics
really enjoyed reading this one
another belter,
keep em coming great stuff

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Thanks for letting me know about this one! Reminds me of what goes on in my mind sometimes when I'm meditating. And I do math in my head when I have trouble sleeping. Also, the password thing drives my family crazy. So, relatable. And fun - if you were listening without having the words in front of you, you'd be waiting to hear what happens next.
I was just thinking about putting another of your songs to music - I was also wanting to tell you that you can do anything you want with the songs we've done. If I don't do this one, I'll do another of yours soon!