Helicopters on Titan

Helicopters on Titan

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Great use of timbres and contrast to create an atmosphere. I really like the central growly bass sound against those high bell tones. I get a bit of an Apocalypse Now vibe to this.

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This is cool, a warm blanket of sound. I was expecting something more kinetic based on the title. I got up to find my good headphones midway through. The whole thing is intriguing as I sit here pondering what it would be like to see helicopters flying on Titan. Great work

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I get a Bladerunner 2049 vibe from this. A bit melancholy and dreamlike feeling that is very pleasing to the ear. There's also a majestic tempo and really big soundscape. So enchanting is this music that even your profile picture starts to look like a planet surrounded by a yellow stardust haze. Nice work indeed.

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Yeah, great headphone music here for sure.
Very stately and majestic sounding.
Great title, too.
I'm liking the outro with the burbles and faint helicopter-type sounds.

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I like that rhythmic intro quite a bit. It feels a bit like an electronic version of a Pink Floyd song from the late 70's. It has that cool feel to it that I associate with them.

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Great sound - I like how you reach a very wide soundscape without getting the sounds too bright