Watching Tolkien

Watching Tolkien

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Liner Notes: 


I really liked Klaus' poem ( so I wanted to add some music to it. It did not readily lend itself to a traditional song feel but I think I've done something fun and listenable with it. My fingers are a little tired now from practicing this a couple dozen times before recording it, to try to get the right emphases. Mostly it succeeded in this take, I think.

Thanks, Klaus, for letting me try this out. I hope you like it!


Oh, I like it, I like it very much. It's almost amazing how you've managed to find those reoccurring rhythmic elements in the lines. I thought I was writing free verse but now it sounds like it has a natural verse structure. Good singing and precise playing, your practice paid off, very tight and enjoyable demo. Thank you so much for all this, Alex.


Watching Tolkien

We went to the movies and you were late
I counted all the popcorn flavors there
you met an old colleague of yours
you hadn't seen each other for years
I was just glad I was in the right place

You bought soda and gluten-free candy
I hadn't slept well I wasn't hungry
You said you don't like Tolkien's books
they don't have strong women
like Narnia does, I agreed, it was true
but I've never thought of it that way

isn't it strange that even in fantasies
and mythical worlds it goes like that?

There was no Charon at the gates
just a red laser eye that read the code
is this the auditorium six? I think so
look there is a big six on the wall

Like I said, I was tired and there was a doting mother,
loyal friends, stained glass tea lounge
and Lily Collins playing Moonlight Sonata
I felt like crying in almost every scene

and in the train, the sunlight was soft and warm
your big black eyes shining like they used to

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This is very dreamlike as things happen not in a way that they are supposed to. I liked very much, interesting story nice playing good vocals!

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ahhh what a trip. I enjoyed the imagery and the musicifery.

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The vocals are cool - kind of a mix of Paul Simon and Doctor John - (Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover and Right Place Wrong Time.)

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Nice guitar intro...vocals now...sounds good. Can clearly understand the lyrics...I was just glad I was in the right place...sounds good...isn't it goes like that...nice pause....look there's a big 6 on the wall...moonlight sonata....sunlight was soft and warm...your big black eyes shining like they use to...nice jamming guitar...never miss a beat. Yeah, great job on this Alex, I like it. You too Klaus...very good guys.