Johnny Wrong Note

Johnny Wrong Note

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Liner Notes: 

So the idea I had when recording this is that I'd be the singer and guitarist doing this in a live acoustic style and Johnny Wrong Note would keep coming in and singing and wrecking my concentration. As such, any guitar errors are HIS FAULT.

It hurt to sing the Johnny Wrong Note parts. The coughing is real.

Thanks, @srcoops for letting me try this idea out...

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Johnny Wrong Note

The gusto of his singing voice
Was there for all to see
What no one ever told him was
You’re terribly off key

There was no mistaking it
He sang so loud you see
When the song called for F
He bellowed out a C

He had a lot of energy
And rarely chose to stop it
His awful voice continued
Just no way to top it

We’ll hope for laryngitis
Or a throat that becomes raspy
For what our ears are made to hear
Is nothing short of nasty

So if you go into a bar
And you see this person there
It’s time to make a fast retreat
Go outside for some air

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Oh guys, that severely out of tune stuff is funny! Y'all are crazy. Smile

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THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD, I was half laughing all the way half thinking this is very awesome. And by being it like this it's entirely awesome! Very good work, one of the best things from 50/90 so far.

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I'm glad I checked back in with this one - I liked the words when I read them.
And what a great, dramatic musical treatment - funny and real and slow-burn bluesy!