Please, Don't Send Me Your Poems

Please, Don't Send Me Your Poems

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote another lyric! This time it took me only 50 minutes. And you can sing this to the tune of "Over The Rainbow" by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg . It's a good matching exercise.

I didn't have a clear idea what this was about when I wrote the first line. Maybe it was a man who was pestered by an overeager fan or a lover. I wanted to keep the "star / far behind me" rhymes/lines of the original because I was feeling lazy so now it's about an editor in a publishing house swamped with work and young energetic future poets sending him too many manuscripts.

And this too is open for collabs. Change it, add, delete, rewrite anyway that you like. No need for permissions or rough demos. Just post it as a new song and add me as a collaborator. Multiple collabs ok.


Please don't send me your poems
I got so many poems
can't even see the floor

Please don't send me your poems
please just stop
I don't have any money
can't start a poem shop

I know you want to be a star
but I just have to leave you far
behind me

I'm knee-deep in your thoughts and art
that's too much even for Descartes
your pages bind me

So please no more those poems
hear my plea
I broke my reading glasses
now I can't even read

( outro:)
I know you want to be a star...
but now I say bye-bye
and au revoir!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Good to see you writing lyrics! Very clever and I love that last verse about your reading glasses!

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Brilliant lyrics. If I had a voice I would be very tempted to demo them. Hope to hear them soon.

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First, the title is killing me as there was this woman many years ago who knew I was writing songs at the same time I was taking calls on the phone. Anyway, I had no interest in her at all and she started giving me song lyrics every hour and I was thinking please leave me alone so I can write my rhymes.

Looking at the first section is exactly what I was saying too about my experience with that woman. lol...I don't have any money...can't start a poem shop...too funny. Next, we have next...leave you far behind me. The next part I had to look up Descartes (French philosoper...mathmatician). Your pages bind me. lol..I broke my reading glasses. The final outro is very nice. Oh man, I don't know how to say au revoir. It's pretty tempting to try something on this Klaus but I'm afraid I'd mess it up...hmmm.

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The poem shop! Oh, Klaus, I have to steal that for a song. I actually did write a crappy unfinished short story about such a shop once, too. Anyway, i was singing this in my head and oh how it fits (and gave me fits!) and oh how I enjoyed it. I've lived it, too, as an editor of a now-defunct lit mag that never really got off the ground because the poems sent to us were so, so very awful.

Thanks for the idea!!!!

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You say this is meant to be fun, a sort of jokey song. But what if it were sung in a more serious way, plaintive and melancholic. I'm knee-deep in your thoughts. Your pages bind me. I can't even read anymore.

Good stuff

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I like that idea. Came over here from your song - going back to listen.

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Thankfully, I post my poems on my blog and not bury some poor guy with them - lol. Pretty funny!

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This is hysterically funny and I love it Smile I too sang it in my head as I was reading !