I Wish We Were Still Falling in Love

I Wish We Were Still Falling in Love

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Liner Notes: 

This is built on one of the song babies I found in my long lost folder. There's a line or two I'm not happy with, but I'm running a fever of 100.6 due to a reaction to a shingles vaccine...so I need to just put this one to bed. Don't have the energy to listen to any songs today or make comments...


I Wish We Were Still Falling in Love
Susan Cantey © 2019

You’re sitting in your chair, reading the paper
I’m painting out on the porch
How did we get here, living like strangers?
We used to be so close

I wish we were still falling in love
I remember what sweet agony that was
When love was new, we knew what to do
I wish we were still falling in love

It’s been years since you’ve held my hand
Or grabbed me and started to dance
Everything’s the same, yet everything’s changed
Do we still have a chance?


Look at what we’re doing
What have we been choosing?
Let’s try to fall in love again


I wish we were still falling in love

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Aging Ophelia's picture

You capture that sense of distance in so few words! Really pretty demo, too.

sbs2018's picture

So sorry to hear you’re feeling ill. Hope you’re bette soon!

This is a beautiful song and captures the feeling well. So sad! I’m cheering for them!

cindyrella's picture

Very nice! I hope you feel better! I love the softness.

coolparadiso's picture

Hope you feel better soon, I think this is the real sweet spot for you! Really nice.

This is really pretty! The story told by the lyrics works perfectly with the soft, jazzy feel of the music. I particularly like the bridge, the melody on that part is especially pleasing to listen to. Great work, and I hope you feel better soon!

Victoria Quinn's picture

This is gorgeous! And your performance sets a mood that's a perfect companion for the lyrics. It feels like that seen midway though the movie where the main character realizes she her life has to change. Very well done Smile