Bobby Had A Rush Of Adrenaline!

Bobby Had A Rush Of Adrenaline!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Jimmy came up with this song today and sent it to me so I made it my evening project. Thanks Jimmy and thanks to everybody for listening.

Production notes: This demo took about 4 hours


Bobby Had A Rush Of Adrenaline

Bobby Had A Rush Of Adrenaline
He scrambled out of his seat
Bobby Had A Rush Of Adrenaline
He vaulted onto his feet

After the truck accident he could walk
He didn't make small talk
Cos he had lost his longtime friends
They drove away before he could vent


His heart wasted little time racing
Diving at the demons he is chasing
At the end of the day
He can't send them away

They felt good for twenty minutes
Making a large difference
But he knew it would soon pass
Turning Off his fuel and gas

After A Rush Of adrenaline
Bobby slowly came down off his peak
After A Rush Of adrenaline
He is feeling very weak
He won't be physically okay
Till he has another drink

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Mate, you are on fire! You’ll hit the magic number in no time. Much sadder one this! Great guitar again. The early part of the sing (not the topic though) reminded me of the band “Teenage fan club”. I guess it was a bit more poppy. Very nice.

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new demo I like it. Your guitar sounds awesome.

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clean bright sound gives this one more of a pop sound than usual. i like the melody in the chorusm an the melodic guitar parts are a pleasure adventure for the ears.

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Wow, that is one nice catchy chorus. Even more catchy than Cooking and Cleaning I listened before. Musically verses are more in tune with the dramatic lyrics, so the whole song is a wonderful mix of happy and sad. Guitar solo has some truly crazy and wild bits. And I most certainly like Jimmy's fine lyrics with the exciting story of Bobby. All these Bobby stories are like a rock-opera. Another fabulous collab, you guys! Smile