Where Are You Going Now?

Where Are You Going Now?

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Liner Notes: 

This is a song about the regret you feel when you let something you love, go...


Where Are You Going Now?
© 9/8/2019 C. Stewart

I’m not sure that I know what I want
But what I don’t need is all I got
This hurt I feel really hits the spot
And it won’t go away

I’ve got this melancholy heart
And my indecision played a vital part
Of where I am, I’m back to the start
Of living again

But hey, you said you really wanted to stay
But now you’ve turned and walked away
Where are you going now?

We laughed sometimes but we cried a lot
No matter what we did we just grew apart
I’m not the devil but you are not a saint
All the same

Can things be better left unresolved?
And like in the past it can come and go
I think it really matters if one is good
At walking away

Chorus (x2)

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Aging Ophelia's picture

feeelin' it. definitely sad but such a great relaxed vibe. "I'm not the devil but you are not a saint," that's so right.

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Good lyrics. I like the way they end! More questions, all fits the vibe nicely

Kristi's picture

A lot of reflection in this story told in a humble manner. "But what I don’t need is all I got"...tells so much! The music has a slow kind of catchy to it. Really nicely played and delivered.

cindyrella's picture

What's not to be amazed at? It's sad but so beautiful throughout. Excellent lyrics and gosh, your vocals-love it!

billwhite51's picture

this one has a jazzy groove that brightens the dark sense of regret and loss in the lyric, those bells at the end are a nice touch

Klaus's picture

Yeah, wow, what a wonderfully melodic memorable song with lyrics full of longing and regret. Great vocals that are strong and clear. I also like the soft yet soulful 70s influenced music combined with subtle more modern flourishes, like some of the percussions and the quick "rap" rhythms in the bass drum. Everything ( music, lyrics, performance, production ) is on the same equally high level which gives a very pleasurable listening experience.

standup's picture

Catchy chorus! Very appealing.

I think almost everybody knows some of these feelings, it's the reason heartbreak is a common topic for songs. I like the line "I'm not the devil / but you're not a saint".

The whole thing has a very groovy hits-of-the-70's (or 80's, or 90's maybe) thing, it takes me back to songs I heard on the radio when I was a kid.

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I like the soulful vocal melody during the verses and what you've come up with for the chorus.
Nice guitar progressions, all comes together so well.
Great tune.