Family Piano, Cookie Tin Slide

Family Piano, Cookie Tin Slide

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Liner Notes: 

I was in Ohio visiting my sister, who is the keeper of the 100-year-old family piano, and I recorded 15-20 minutes of me making up stuff. This one is sort of blues/funk in the key of E.
Back here in Florida, I plugged in my cookie tin slide guitar and - here you are.
Third 50/90 song I've cobbled out of that improv session.

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Been a really good source of inspiration. Very good one this. I cant help though see the dodgy saloon bar door swinging and cowboys around.

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Like a bar band from a post-apocalyptic future.
I like how you are improvising with yourself.
Great slide line there.

100 year old family piano. I just love that! I was set to inherit my great granny's organ, but it burned in a fire. So sad. Anyway, this is cool and bluesy. Feels like a good time. Very fun vibe coming off this one. Comment above about a dodgy saloon. Smile Yeah, I can see that.