My New Business Venture

My New Business Venture

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Liner Notes: 

Hey folks, @Fuzzy here;

@TomS sent me a track for a Collab (which he later posted as "Kite" here;

I of course immediately took it back to Fuzzy Sound Labs and messed with it.

Then I added the spoken word bit; I decided to use the 50/90 site to advertise my new business...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Odd but weird story. And a little bit strange too. But with a happy ending and that's very important.
Tom's guitar sounds like bagpipes and the low "boings" are almost like a human voice. Also, there seem to be squeaky door hinges at your Sound Labs. This all is very creative and pleasing to my ears, even mesmerizing.

I'd like to place an order for five-gallon pail. With extra bugs, please. Smile

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ill take one of the five gallon units. and does the music come with that or is it extra?

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Man, I have no idea how you do what you do, but I love it so much. Smile
5 gallons! Yes!
I much prefer blackberry yogurt though. Could you go out and dig around and see if you can find some of that please? Thanks!

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Strange story, expertly told, with more than a touch of Laurie Anderson about the phrasing.

That backing is great too, doesn't intrude on the story, but holds a lot of interest if you focus on it instead of the words.

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Bizarre story with lovely drone backing ... reversed something or other? Absurdity at Ivor Cutler-ish levels, which is the highest level! And "straight from the ground to your mouth" is a fabulous slogan. Love it!

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Interesting liner notes...I'm running out of time so I'm going to just click on this version.

I moved into a 200-year-old farmhouse 300 acres of land. Cool was a pool...some kind of thick liquid..pinkish It smelled kind of's exactly what I thought it was....strawberry yogurt. Woodland Spring Brand Strawberry backward sounds going on in the sides...give me a day or two out the twigs and bugs out of it...I'm your man...between noon and 3pm...straight from the ground to your mouth just like nature intended. I've never heard anything like this before ever. Quite unique...very well done...great collab.

This has a distinctly "What's he building in there?" vibe to it, which of course means that I fell in love with it instantly. I'm picking up @Fuzzy's Canadian accent on this way more than I usually do - it just adds to the charm of this. Nice one, chaps - downloaded for further enjoyment.

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Your creations are getting better and better. Very creative and it works, that backwards backing is your mate when you tell the story. I dig the way you say 'Now' (gives the story so much credibility) and 'straight to the mouth'. Or maybe 'yogurt'.

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Well that was fun and weird in equal proportions.
I was sure something disgusting was going to happen, but it didn't, and getting to the end and finding it hadn't, was like the kick you get from a horror film when the danger is past and the victim is safe. Phew!
Yeah I like that slogan, "Straight from the ground to your mouth"

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Can't wait to hear the @TomS tune that is intertwined with this.
I was (and am) fascinated by the story, and I was about to say I want a video ... but I'd rather create the video in my mind.
The music has this bagpipe vibe that I can't get out of my head even though the song stopped playing about a minute ago. I may hear that sound in my dreams tonight, and I'm cool with that.