Very Lame Punk Song

Very Lame Punk Song

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Liner Notes: 

Originally called "Very Slow Punk Song" the idea being that it would be funny to make a slow punk song. But I couldn't make it work musically.

Did some rewriting and ended up with...I don't know what. I'm not satisfied with the tone. There is no compassion for this young mixed-up punk rocker who can't even get his political slogans right. That's why the "satire" tag. Smile

Open for collabs even if the structure might seem little bit strange. Verses should match in AAAB pattern. "Spontaneous" ad-libs are in parenthesis. Change it, edit, delete, add, any way you want, please. No permissions needed or rough demos. Post it as a new song and add me as a collaborator and I thank you very much and kindly. Multiple collabs ok by me.


This is just a very lame punk song
no aim, low flame, you to blame punk song

we are all out of glue
we got nothing to do
had more fun in the queue
can't even drool on your tooth braces, honey

( organize the anarchy....right now...! )

This is just a very lame punk song
no spunk, real sunk, pretty drunk punk song

Pat took all of the beer
all I got is a sneer
so glad he isn't here
coz I would kick his ass if I had muscles

( kill all haters and love everybody...! )

This is just a very lame punk song
daylong ding dong hit the bong punk song

I spray painted my shoes
hair's still purple and blue
feel like I gotta spew
so won't ya stuff me in the trash can, honey

( free the oppression...! )

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Haha, funny lyrics, should make a lovely punk-funky-humourous song. Looking forward to hearing it.

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I really like this a lot.
Hilarious lyrics.
Yeah, this guy seems like a lazy and stupid punk rocker who won't even get up off his couch.
Nice rhymes, too.
It would be great as a slow acoustic number for sure.

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Ha! This has so much pep! Well, I don't know punk songs that well, but this has attitude, energy and rhythm! I like "lame" instead of "slow"...brings the guy down a level! And this line: "I would kick his ass if I had muscles"...LOL Hysterical! Lots of great lines...and rhymes.

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It didn't sound lame, but I guess you can call something lame and it still ne wonderful because of self parody and sense of humor. this is it, it's a self deprecating humor punk song. Liked it!

This is clever and funny. The parenthetical stuff is golden too. "kill all haters and love everybody" That's fantastic! Super funny.

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Love those lyrics - amongst plenty of other lines, "daylong ding dong hit the bong punk song" is excellent.

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Looking at the lyrics...the first part has the lame, aim, flame and blame rhymes wrapped into two lines...very nice. lol..the next section features a very visual drool on your tooth Next we have the punk, spunk, sunk, and drunk rhymes...nice. I always prefer rhymes...the more the merry. lol...I would kick his ass if I had muscles...nice. Next is the song, daylong, ding dong, and bong rhymes...nice. lol...spray painted my shoes...and the sections that are in parenthesis are all outrageous and kind of teenager punk...I don't know as I've never really listened to punk rock lyrics before. You know, I would try this but I have never played punk rock in my far as I know...I just can't do it Klaus. Looks like fun though.