Gwendolyn, I Like Your Face

Gwendolyn, I Like Your Face

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Liner Notes: 

Those who know me will think I have gone crazy after hearing this song. It is just the sort of thing I hated back in the seventies when this kind of thing was popular and stinking up the airwaves, But now that I am older and less discriminating, I set out to engender what I once despised. And I had fun doing it. And it is not parody, as the sentiment behind it is, I must confess, sincere. I did like her face,



If I wanted someone
Id want someone just like you
My lady of the lace
Gwendolyn, I like your face

Its not that youre so pretty
In fact I suppose youre rather plain
But deep inside your eyes
I see another time and place

repeat chorus

A pair of this, a pair of that
Good things come in twos
Guinevere and Gwendolyn
The rhythm and the blues

Repeat chorus

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Lovely ballad. Soft chord changes and the melody are quite beautiful as is your singing. There is that certain 70s vibe in the music, especially at the end of the chorus. The lyrics are not as romantic as the music. For example "IF I needed someone..." has not quite the same longing as "When I need you..." ( Leo Sayer ). Smile But I still like the lyrics a lot. They have an easy flow and with the music, they sound sincere and touching. And not too schmaltzy or greasy at all.

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If this the way you lose your mind it's a good way! Nice little 70s song!

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I looked up Guinevere and it keeps referring to the wife of King Arthur. Ok, and I like the comparisons...that works well. Love the neg hit in the second verse, very nice! Lady of lace I like your face is pretty catchy too. I like this stuff Bill. Ok, I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice sounding guitar...vocals now...very strong...can clearly understand the lady of the lace....I like your face. Has that classic room sound throughout this album. If I wanted would be someone like you...I like your face...very strong vocal performance...sounds like my lady of the lake...but it is lace I know because I read the lyrics... but lace is a much stronger visual for this song. Great job Bill, I like it a lot.

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I really like the fx used here, is it a flanger or phaser...or neither? Love that sound.
Cool song all around, I like the bluntness of the lyrics.
If I could sing well and could pull of the instrumentation, I'd love to make songs like this with this phasey, sparse, vibe...I'd probably warble some inappropriate synths in there all out of place, but hey lol

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Beautiful! Really impressed with the simple but powerful delivery!

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A purty one! Great vocal and interesting story there. Who ARE those women...?

It’s a bit sappy; but you do it well! It’d be chancy singing it to her, calling her plain then compliment her Wink

Like a guy complimenting your car, “but to bad it’s Red” Smile

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I don't know, Bill. I'm not sure what it is about 70s and this style of song-crafting you didn't like back then...but this is a nice rendering, man. I was reminded of Bread's Make It With You - it's simple in structure, it's straight forward; vocally it comes off very sincere. The flanger effect on the guitar is a plus. I dig it!