One Minute Track #15

One Minute Track #15

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1 minute track 15

Liner Notes: 

This was done during songwriting class at my TAFE course. This is a jazz piece in 5/4, inspired by Miles Davis (even though I'm not a jazz fan).

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i must say it certainly sounds like miles. i especially like the bass line

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And I must say this sure sounds like jazz. That modulation is nice. Delicious late night feeling in the melody and in the music as a whole. The song stops right when the improvisations should start. Now I'm hearing them in my head. Smile

jcollins's picture the drums....agree it does sound Miles. I haven't tried anything in 5/4 this year. Perhaps your track will inspire me to jump out of my comfort zone. Good job on this.

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Nice jazzy sound - piano, drums. I’m ready for the improv, too.