He Got On A Moving Treadmill!

He Got On A Moving Treadmill!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: I needed something easy to work on tonight and Jimmy comes through again. Thanks Jimmy, and thanks to everybody for listening.

Production notes: The first time in 5 years I used my real bass guitar. That's why I went for something easy. The usual raw guitar playing thing I do (acoustic this time) and took about 4 hours to make the demo.


He Got On A Moving Treadmill

He didn't hear the belt running over the TV
He instantly fell off his feet
Hurting his foot and banged his knee
The sprains went through his body

He Got On A Moving Treadmill
He had been running uphill
He Got On A Moving Treadmill
He is laying very still

He was sure he made a mistake
Exercising enough to loose weight
But he is done in for the week
He wasn't walking far when hear the sprains creak


He was holding an ice pack to his foot
He leaned back and then looked
A half hour later he can see
How he hurt his knee
No doubt he wasn't ready

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new demo I like it bro. Your bass guitar solo sounds awesome.

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Acoustic guitar fills sound great. I like the light and optimistic music that adds humor to the lyrics. Good bridge. Another awesome guitar solo!
Lyrics have concise lines and matter of factly tone that I really like. When popular music today is so filled with extreme emotional expressions it's really nice to hear and read something more subtle. Good collab, you guys.

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love the opening. clever bridge. very nice and more subtly done.

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great acoustic leads, i love the way the full orchestration kicks in at the chorus after the sparsely arranged verses. the bridge takes us somethere else and the solo that follows is wonderfully off kilter.

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Lovely acoustic lines.
I love these lyrics; as I get older I try to be more aware of where I put my feet.
The last line of the chorus made me laugh.
I'm liking the one-note bridge, too.
Great solo here for sure.
Nice work!

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This song's subject gives me mixed feelings, because something similar happened to me, I had started going on walks - which is basically the only exercise I can bear - to lose weight and then on the second or third day I was able to twist my ankle in a way that even my thigh was hurting. I felt sad because I really wanted to lose weight but happy because i had this excuse not to exercise.

I like the complex and rich playing and your voice sounds really full and gorgeous in those lower bridge notes. It's a great spin on a tragic event.