Carry On

Carry On

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Liner Notes: 

Started with the Casio drums, then ran across the "carry on" vocal.
Found a sample of music coming from the inside of a club, with a crowd outside - that's what you hear in the intro, stretched and chopped to fit the beat.
From there I just kept adding stuff each measure.
I actually got stopped by Sunday's skirmish, so I had to put this to the side.
Came back today and decided to see what it'd sound like with that bassline...liked it.

This song is meant to make one nod one's head. At work, in the car, cleaning, whatever. Just a long groove that keeps building. And why not have a positive vocal repeating itself throughout?
That's all, really.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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You've succeeded: heads are nodding. Build-up of the percussive elements and the intensification of the groove is nothing short of amazing. It starts so small and unassuming but the second half is really something. I like this one. Smile

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It was interesting from thes tart but from around 1.40 it really flew and head nodding toe tapping escalated until dog is giving me concerned looks

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management at the factory should pipe this music in if they want to increase productionn

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This is fun! The beepy beat reminds me of Trio's "Da da da" and it has a certain amount of that vibe, but also something of a 90s house feel too at the beginning then getting bigger and brasher as it carried on to be a full on fiesta. I think I'd have had a second "stop" to end rather than fade out, but that's just personal preference. Nice one.

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I get the work vibe - I used to get stoned and listen to Kraftwerk as I did chores.
I do indeed create and perform music for yoga classes (as you asked about in a thread), and this groove of yours would suit a faster-paced class just fine!
I used to do a bit of clubbing in my youth, and I always have affection for songs like this one of yours. I love the many, many sounds you incorporate. Creative and fun!