A clean, warm stomp.

A clean, warm stomp.

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Liner Notes: 

Here's a cigar box instrumental. It's a three string fretless guitar tuned to G7. I wanted a piece to contrast with the usual heavily distorted cigar box sounds and so this one is quite a clean sound. Vocals later perhaps. The man drums are from Garageband with me adding some fills. The bass comes from the the three string cigar box guitar. The guitar was recorded in one take - you can hear this mistakes I'm sure but I wanted to keep a fresh live sound so there has been no editing.

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Very cool. That CBG tone is great. That's some bluesy good riffage, Roddy. Love it!

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Great, great job. I'm not really familiar with "cigar box guitars". Is this something seriously homemade...out of a cigar box? You really get a great sound out of it--and you've got a very creative soloing/riffing thing going with it. Very nice!

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You succeeded in keeping the sound fresh. Never heard a fretless CBG, it's somehow an inbetween sound of slide guitar and "normal". cool!

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That is a really cool sound - funky and gritty and yes, clean and crisp. This sounds very in-the-moment and one-take, but also super skilled, like a blues trio. Good stuff.

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Nice tone, and great feel to this. Love the swoops.