Rags and Bones

Rags and Bones

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Liner Notes: 

This is in the style of an old London street call. I turned it into a round. I added some questionable recorder and bodhran. Composition and recording took just about an hour.


Rags and bones. Rags and bones.
A crust my feast, the street my home
Give a coin for the song I sing
and I'll live finer than a king

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really really short lyric
but the way you sing it
makes it feel a lot longer
yes you hit the nail on the head
this sounds perfect
for what you aimed at doing here

nice song

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This is spectacular! Love the simplicity, the flutey-ness

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i remember the rag and bone man coming and calling - was a bit more gravelly Smile dang that recorder again. i jjust cant find the right song

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Has a real renaissance feel, I really dig this. It feels like something that would be sung by a group at this time with maybe some improvisation.

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I like the whistle and the round was a good choice, I think. The doubled vocals makes the melody stand out and adds to the fullness in the midst of the round. I, too, could hear this performed in a group setting, a choir.

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Lovely "traditional" song you got here.
The layered vocals are really effective.
The recorder adds an aspect of playfulness to this - I'm imagining the "rags 'n' bones chorus" dancing through the streets as they sing.