vague imagery about mysticism or perhaps mythology

vague imagery about mysticism or perhaps mythology

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Liner Notes: 

i don't even know how this happened. prog just happens when you choose an organ soundfont i'm pretty sure

EDIT: re-uploaded to fix the drum quantizing. it was driving me nuts. also added the world's dumbest solo that i'm keeping because of how much it makes it laugh (you can hear it, too!!!!!!!)


HAHA, HA oh god

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Your definitions of weird prog are the same as mine for cool prog (which is weird) Very good piece I enjoyed the changes and nuances very much, the bass line is a delight and gives soooo much to the production. It's as if you can get away with everything because it makes it all very solid.

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I'm so glad to hear! Your wonderful prog-laden words made me smile, I'm always happy I can create something other prog fans can get into!

I feel like being a composer is to be a sorcerer... what you said is true, we really CAN get away with anything and everything... as long as the resolution works, at least.

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I actually couldn't agree more that being a composer is being a sorcerer, I often think that. In fact I think we should just not use the world composer anymore and just lead with sorcerer. We make something out of nothing, enchant with our rhythms and have magical words. That's it, we're sorcerers

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Hahaha this could be the title of almost every song by Yes.
Yeah, this is nice.
Fast moving; those double kick drums are lightning.
Like a modernized outtake from "Tarkus".
Love that organ sound.
This is right up my alley - you are making my ear holes happy.
So good!

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Truth be told, Yes was exactly my muse for the title. Spot on! You flatter me, truly - something I wrote to be considered even as a ghost of a comparison to ELP? That's high praise. And, as always, thank you for listening!

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yessss!! fantastic. love the drum patterns, so frenetic and fun. my head started bobbing on its own on that last bass groove that comes in just after halfway, oh yeah...

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Thank you as always. There's something deeply validating about being recognized for doing your primary instrument justice. I always try to pride myself on programming the drum parts how I'd play them! (If I could, these days, etc)

If you're ever interested in taking this one out for a second spin, I edited it to add a hilarious joke of a solo in the section you mentioned!

Ah, but it can't just be any organ soundfont, it has to be a percussive, growly Hammond that sounds like Keith Emerson is about to attack it with knives. This one *so* does it for me. Glorious.

And for what it's worth, I really dig the solo Smile