After A Weekend Of Camping!

After A Weekend Of Camping!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Jimmy sent me these lyrics a couple days ago and so I messed it up Nah, I wanted something different for this type of lyrics. However, this is not exactly what I expected. Still, I appreciate the song Jimmy and thanks to all who listen.

Production notes: This demo took 4 hours.


After A Weekend Of Camping

After A Weekend Of Camping
He almost fell apart
After A Weekend Of Camping
He had killed a werewolf in the park

It jumped onto his camper
His food and empty cans scattered
He looked out the window
He had a chance to shoot his crossbow
He shot it twice in the chest
But it caught it's breathe
He dug out the gun in his vest
And a big silver bullet he wasn't scarred


This wild animal wants to bite
It disappeared from out of sight
It had fallen into the trash
Ran into the woods and tall grass
On the night of a full moon
He can't see what's it's doing
It is quickly moving
He left it behind hungry and drooling

After A Weekend Of Camping
He cannot sleep
After A Weekend Of Camping
He cannot eat
After A Weekend Of Camping
He is not bites of meat

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ha very amusing again. love that 60s over dub sound great. then that move to ominous!!!

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new demo I like it. It sounds awesome.

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another killer track. love that second guitar...great vamping in mid song. ending starts to go haywire but recovers for a spooky groove outro.

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poor dude. what a horrible camping experience. Since I love camping I almost feel I want to take him on my next trip so he just gets one good experience- Great work