Family Piano Blues

Family Piano Blues

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Liner Notes: 

A couple of weeks ago, while visiting my sister in Ohio, I sat down at the family piano - which was my first instrument and which has been in the family for around 100 years - and recorded myself improvising.
This is the second of three songs from those recordings. For this one, I made up an a cappella blues for a back-and-forth between voice and piano. (The first was a piano/ukulele back-and-forth, and the third one is coming soon)


I learned to play the blues when I was just 13
before I really knew what having the blues means

Most of the time I sing the blues about someone else
Lately I've been singing them about myself

Most of the time I play the blues but I ain't got 'em
Lately I've been scraping along the bottom

Gotta get out of this lowdown blue mood
Go back to singing about some other sad sad dude

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I like this fairly minimalist approach it has an endearing feel. Particularly understanding the history

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Always easier to sing the blues about someone else. But your version is more realistic.

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Oh yeah!! Dig the piano!! I was probably about 15 when I discovered Hank Williams and BB King. My mother said Hank was depressing me and I felt guilty about BB King without anything being said. But what did she know about music? I got that from my father. No wonder I like the line in “Hallelujah” when Leonard Cohen says, “But you don’t really care for music, do ya?” Love his delivery! Anyway, really like what you did with this song! Think I’ll take another listen.

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Oh, this is great! It speaks volumes about who you are too!