I Found My Scissors!

I Found My Scissors!

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Liner Notes: 

Another quick write. This one took about an hour and a half. 90 % was done in 40 minutes. The rest was working on four lines to make them match, did lots of googling, can you say it like this or like that.

I have a melody for this but don't have time or energy to demo it right now. And since I post it as a lyrics-only I probably won't demo it. I'm still searching for the easiest way to get to 50 songs and this seems to be one option. I don't really care how good or bad these fast writes are. Music matters to me more. Still, I think it's the best as a whole of these recent lyrics-onlies.

This was based on a true story. I did lose my scissors several months ago. Looked for them everywhere. Couldn't find them and bought a new pair. Then today they suddenly materialized out of thin air on my desk. And now my favorite USB-stick is missing. How is this all possible I ask of you?! Smile


I Found My Scissors!

I found my scissors!
I've been looking for them e-ve-ry place
I found my scissors!
on the table right in front of my face
but now I've lost my USB-drive
the blue one I really like

I'm just wondering and pondering
if there's shapeshifting occurring
right when I look away

I found my scissors!
I've been searching for them ever since May
I found my scissors!
did it happen just the opposite way?
'coz maybe they were looking for me
but I was an absentee

I was wondering and pondering
with the power of my feelings
'bout the meaning of life

I found my scissors!
but by this time I had bought a new pair
I found my scissors!
think I'll need to sit right here on a chair
then I fell to the floor
my bum was aching and sore

no more wondering and pondering
I am reeling on the ceiling
laughing just like a clown

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Ha ha! Made me laugh and I am always losing things-usually it's right in front of my face. Once though, I put my keys in the freezer! Good write.

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Fun lyrics you absolutely have to demo! I hear you voice and the humour is so yours! Love it and can relate to the story. Please keep me updated.

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hilarious. i dont think anyone could do justice to this lyric except you, so im looking forward to the finished song before september is out.

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First, I recently have lost my scissors Klaus. Seriously, I was looking for them just two days ago and cannot find my scissors...lol.

Looking at the lyrics....lol, it's quite easy to lose a USB stick...I know. I still can't find my scissors though. The next section with the shapeshifter comes to me as a bit a surprise...but quite fun. Another section of I found my scissors...that works. Another surprise mind drifts into the meaning of life...very nice. lol...the next section tells us where the scissors are...very nice. The last three lines are a fun way to laugh this off. Excellent job on this Klaus.

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This was fun! I like how it's unclear who or what is shapeshifting. Is a shapeshifter stealing things, or is your stuff shapeshifting? Maybe the USB drive turned in to a bird and wants to share some songs outside. I just hope it turns up again! Smile