The Voice I Know

The Voice I Know

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Liner Notes: 

Not sure where or why this one popped out...maybe because of all the recent sadness.


The Voice I Know
Susan Cantey © 2019

I don’t know much about the universe
Or the four corners of the earth
I don’t know all of history
And Biology’s a mystery

But I know I have a Savior
Who died on the cross for me
I know that I can trust Him
That He rose so I might be
Forgiven, Transformed,
He is my only hope
Other voices may call
But He’s the voice I know

I don’t know how God formed the world
What did he say? What were His words?
I don’t know how He planned it all
He is great; I am small


I don’t know why some people don’t believe
Why they don’t see the Jesus that I see


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billwhite51's picture

nice reference to sam cookes what a wonderful world in the opening lines. it places us in the modern world while the music echoes tradition. i think i like your spirituals the best of all your songs, and this one reverberates in a special way for the world as it has become in the present day.

sbs2018's picture

Yes! Great reference! Beautiful lyrics and vocals, especially the harmony’s texture.

Klaus's picture

Lovely and sincere song. These times we need all the comfort and support, spiritual and otherwise. Solid vocals and heavenly harmonies are quite reassuring. I like the lines "Other voices may call / But He’s the voice I know". To me, it sounds like the first verse grew organically out of the title. Good job.

coolparadiso's picture

Yes very nice song, very pretty melody and delivered in your inimitable style.

phoenixash's picture

This is very beautiful. Your voice is even more gorgeous in this register! Your devotion not only permeates it, but flows from it.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very beautiful, moving song. Love your voice and piano playing. Beautiful harmonies and vocals harmonization.