One Minute Track #13

One Minute Track #13

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1 minute track 13

Liner Notes: 

I made this during music legal class at my TAFE course. Whilst my teacher was giving a short lecture, I was tempted to do this because one of my friends across the room was also recording a track in GarageBand (I could clearly tell because he was wearing headphones). In summary, this was just bashed out very quickly.
The music was recorded on virtual instruments. The guitar was set to the "Mosh Pit" instrument, where one plays power chords with a single key press. The bass had the overdrive and exciter turned up full blast. The drums were generated by GarageBand's Drummer feature.

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This actually recalls to mind the MOD files I used to listen to on Amigas back in the day-- the thick sound and kind of looped feel to everything. Enjoyed it!

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Student distraction has come a long way. We used to doodle and pass notes. LOL This is very cool - maybe you could develop an entire song? Rock on!

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That's fun! Makes me wish I could scream/sing something over it. (Was this recorded on an iPad?)

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Cracks me up - writing songs in class - LOL! I used to go to Panera to write but I’m thinking I can still go to make music as long as I bring my headphones.

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Nice piece, very good to expand upon, maybe be the basis for a bigger production?