The Mystery

The Mystery

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Liner Notes: 

My wife writes a poetry blog (it's on our yoga studio website, and also a Facebook page) called Morning Prayers for Yogis, and this is one of her poems set to music. I did a couple other songs of her poems earlier this 50/90.


To be this
and not that
is the point.

To long for that
and cling to this
is the process.

To know one leaves
and never leaves
is the mystery
that makes us free.

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the banjo adds a dimension here that is an uncommon one for a banjo to effect. at least in my view of the function of the banjo, which is to energize a simple chord progression with speed fingered runs. what i hear in this banjo is almost like an impressionist piano dropping notes of spiritual protection across and around the field of meditation.

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I like taking an instrument and playing it more like another, as a uke n guitar player i know you do it there as well. Well done to a simple yet meaningful lyric

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'the mystery' is such an ominous title that for a second I didn't know what to expect. But this is quite entertaining and the lyrics are very deep. And, like all mysteries the revelation is very unexpected and unlike what you had imagined. Love to be surprised.