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Liner Notes: 

This song is a collaboration of @lowhum and me made possible via the first round of the random collabs:

Being the multilingual phenomenon he is he wrote german lyrics for me to sing. I was a bit scared because since "Deutsch" is my native tongue I normally try to hide behind english lyrics Smile
There are some "deviations" from school german which make the lyrics a bit vague and open for interpretation - what I like!



du bist schön
du bist prachtvoll
Ich bin grün
Ich bin nachtvoll
unser Leben läuft vorbei
doch Koenigsberg ist heute frei

du hast mir
du hast meine Seele
Ich hab dir
Ich bin dein Geselle
Meister Geister, läufst vorbei
und Koenigsberg ist vielleicht heute frei

In Koenigsberg hab ich dich geseh'n
warfst all deine Bücher in die See
lächerlich lauf' ich vorbei
and everybody is alright

A loose English translation (lowhum + Google)

you are beautiful
you are gorgeous
I am green
I am nocturnal
our life is marching by
but Koenigsberg is free today

you have me
you have my soul
I have you
I am your comrade
Master Ghost is passing by
and Koenigsberg is free today

Once I saw you in Koenigsberg
throwing all your books in the sea
grotesquely I was passing by
and everybody is alright

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This is beautiful (even though I don't understand German)! Love the soft guitar fingering, the comforting voice, and the ending in English.

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I studied German in school grades seven to nine and I liked it. It's a wonderful language and has a certain unique feel of its own. So this sounds lovely and very European. Lyrics are a bit ironic ( free Königsberg ) in a poetic and melancholy way. Nice acoustic guitar accompaniment and sad melody are pleasing to the ear. Good collaboration.

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Damn, this is great. I love the hypnotic guitar and the way the beautiful vocal melody moves in and around it. That last line in English really caught me by surprise. Great lyric, too, now that I've read the translation. Love it!

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Gorgeous song. Very evocative. On my list of places I want to visit, but I thought it was Kaliningrad now? Is this political?