Reach for the stars

Reach for the stars

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17 Reach for the stars - 50/90 2019

Liner Notes: 

Well this was shall we say inspired by @corinne54's skirmish prompt, "reach for the stars", rather than a true skirmish . The lyric was originally written in less than an hour. Then the composition went pear-shaped so it took much longer, and the lyrics got edited after that. In retrospect it was much more ambitious than achievable in a skirmish as it's my first attempt in this genre, first live keyboard song, and first ever cheesy key change Biggrin I just wanted to write a big ole show tune at some point in 50/90 (might do another...who knows). It falls within the "I want" category -

My take on the prompt was very literal. The story is inspired by the movie Gattaca.


They told me
A boy like me could never be a dreamer
They told me
At most I’d be a kitchen-hand or cleaner
Conceived by chance, unplanned
I'd never understand
Why I was damned to live in dust

Inside me
I knew I’d see a galaxy of wonders
Inside me
I knew I’d be a pioneer and wanderer
I escaped my shackled fate
Flung open all the gates
I hustled and I made my own luck

This is me, this is mine
This is my life and this is my time
No one can rob me
Of this chance to fly away free
I’ll sail the Milky Way
I’ll sing my song on Mars
I’ll watch the comets play
And reach for the stars


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this is a song that should be in an animated film and win an academy award s a showstopper,

Gattaca. Good movie. I liked your adventurous key change. See, I didn't say cheesy. Smile It fits the genre. Very show tuny and melodic. I can envision the whole cast joining in on the chorus. That makes for a fun show tune when everyone can sing along. Nice job on the keys. Really good singing and playing live. I find it desperately hard to play keys and sing at the same time. OK, really I find it desperately hard to play the keys anyway, but hey. Smile

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Def getting the showtune coming through loud and clear - and a cool one at that.
Have never seen Gattica, but can still go with the emotional journey of the subject.
Excellent writing in my opinion - I know nothing of showtune method/writing/etc, and that link about the "i know" style is helpful and interesting...
Now I have a name to put with these kinds of songs whenever I watch a movie!
Voice soars as always and big kudos on singing and playing the keys, and doing that well on your first live go at it!
Would not be able to tell this was your first attempt at the genre without you saying so.

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My favourite song of yours. I don't recall you playing the piano before. Very beautiful and catchy, expressive and inspiring. Yes, showtune for me and I too think your song could be in animation. Beautiful work.

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I listen to a lot of this kind of music with my daughter, an aspiring actor/vocalist. And while I like big production power ballads, I sure dig the intimacy and vulnerability of your piano/vocal. Your voice carries this one the way instruments playing the melody would.

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I read the lyric before I listened to the track, and I love these lines:
I’ll sail the Milky Way
I’ll sing my song on Mars
I’ll watch the comets play
And reach for the stars

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Like Amanda i read the lyrics first. They are very very good, they have a nice easy flow. The music fits your target very well.

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A very successful outing. A show tune to be sure. Good job pushing your envelope by using piano. I thought your modulation worked just fine. Nice work all around.

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A very nice write in this genre. I like the way the ambitions take the character into space, is that what literally happens in the movie?