I Blame It on My Guitar

I Blame It on My Guitar

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Liner Notes: 

This is the original "song baby" lyric that I found in my long lost folder. I need you guys to vote: which blame my guitar version do you prefer?


I Blame It on My Guitar
Susan Cantey © 2019

Checked into a motel in Florida
Sat outside enjoying the breeze
Started strumming on my guitar
That’s when they asked me to leave

Wouldn’t you know
That’s how it goes
It’s a cruel, cruel world that we live in
I could have been a rising star
And it’s breaking my heart
And I blame it on my guitar

Got a job singing in a local café
Strapped on my guitar, but hey
I can only play a D, an E and an A
I tried to explain as they pushed me on the stage


People started booing
I knew what was brewing
Somebody threw a shoe
A drunk grabbed my leg
I hit him on the head
And hoped he wasn’t dead…


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There’s a tone to this lyric that doesn’t quite fit the sound of the music, IMO. But I vote for keeping the music and letting a new lyric spring up inside it, maybe completely unrelated, since you’ve done such a great song with this hook already in the other version. That’s a win-win, I’d say.

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First one ive heard but i really like it. I don't mind music and lyrics a bit edgy against each other!