It Was A Hard Crash!

It Was A Hard Crash!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Jimmy sent me these lyrics today and since I was making comments all day I didn't write any lyrics myself, and I'm on roll right now so I took that offer and so we have another song for our album. Thanks Jimmy, and thanks to everybody else for listening.

Production notes: I brought in my Ibanez electric guitar again today for a rocking demo. Fender strat for the lead guitar. Total production time was about 4 hours.


It Was A Hard Crash

It Was A Hard Crash
It's about time Bobby went back
It Was A Hard Crash
It wasn't on a road, it was a path

Somebody stole his cash
His mood was going back and forth fast
Flicking away some cigarette ash
They we're making him very mad


Bobby just crashed his truck
Then splashed through the water and mud
He almost dropped his mug
It wouldn't be good if he we're stuck

It Was A Hard Crash
It caused Bobby a lot of whiplash
It Was A Hard Crash
He was feeling very bad
It happened because Bobby was drunk

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new demo I like it. Your electric guitar solo sounds awesome.

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That's some serious rocking, I really like the guitar work and sound. The mood fits the lyrics perfectly.

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your album with jimmy is highly anticipated. these songs and performances are fantastic. it is rare to hear a new sound in rock and roll, but you have found one.

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Your songs are getting more rocking with every new song, Jerry. Very nice, the music fits the " truck" and "crash" very well. The low voice and then the falsetto, they are really surprising and cool. As is the new guitar riff in the ending. And Jimmy's lyrics are awesome. Bobby sure seems to have lots of bad luck. He's an angry man. These lyrics just rock!

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Brilliant rocker! That driving pulsing guitar gives it such a great energy.

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Just commented elsewhere that after I've got 20 songs under my belt, I want to try a rockin' heavy metal number. This one is certainly inspiring. Great guitar work and I like those lyrics. Nice collab, guys!