So we Reach

So we Reach

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Liner Notes: 

Originally done as a skirmish, I fell in love with the textures and just kept tweaking. What a lovely and inspirational thought- "Reach for the Stars".


I’ve got a funny feeling
That we’re not here alone
I’ve got no proof
No theories can I dethrone

We peer into heaven
and the void stares back at us
Daring us to journey forth
Into our wanderlust

Amongst the worlds
Life is rare
What if there’s nobody else
Out there

So we reach
For the stars

And still we squabble
We’re out of phase
The ox and the cart
Are going different ways

But still there’s time
As rockets fly
And journey forth
Into starlight

Amongst the worlds
Life is rare
What if there’s nobody else
Out there

So we reach
For the stars

For the stars

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This is a well written lyric. I like the release into the big chorus. Good job.

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Not surprising on the textures they are great, love the backing as well. Real comfortable to listen to music! All around a very nice lyric! Cool stuff!

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I was hooked right away - what lovely, atmospheric sounds. And then you turn it into a nice, laid-back groove. Smooth and personal vocals singing thoughtful words. You created something quite layered, lush and wonderful.

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Thought-provoking lyrics, pondering about life out there in the universe. The swirling effects on the vocals really add to that dreamy, spacey vibe. Impressive for a skirmish!

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The sounds you use.
From the elec piano, the pads, the bass...
The bit of reverb on the snare.
The fx on the chorus.
All of this made for an instant hit in my book.
Great lyrics, too. The chorus is especially awesome sounding...
You do this sound so well.
No one would be able to tell me I wasn't watching an 80s movie about space, and this was on the soundtrack.
Lovely song. And in a skirmish at that...

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That's cool how the chorus comes in with the spacey feeling music. It really picks it out from the verses which is great Smile I too like your thoughts and ponderances in the lyric.

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Life beyond our planet--a really big question we may not answer in our lifetime. When the chorus comes in, it seems to echo that need (?) for more than just ourselves--at least to connect with others here on earth.

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Your song is pure magic. I was under the spell from the beginning and it was getting more and more interesting, more beautiful and moving. Love the sounds you are using and your voice is stunning, strikingly beautiful, gorgeous!!! Your song is cosmic and hypnotic.

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this is beautious. Makes me think about how narrow our perception and view is.

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Very thought-provoking song. I like the quiet beginning & ending and how it then opens up in the chorus...going "out there" kind of thing. Makes you think about life and the universe in all its mysteriousness. Music captures all sorts of emotion. Well-done!