Funky Middle Eastern Mish Mash Dance

Funky Middle Eastern Mish Mash Dance

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Liner Notes: 

This one had me dancing in my seat, so I kinda like it! Smile Garageband loops, plus my guitar, plus me screeching like Yoko Ono, with Bullhorn effect!

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This is loads of fun. The criss-crossing rhythms give it a really cool jerky energy.

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The middle eastern feel is good, i am still trying to remove the image of yoko with a bullhorn. I like this. There is some good Indian stuff in garage band as well.

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A truly fantastic start, where I’m already loving the panning and syncopated parts right from the get-go! I’ve had three listens so far, because the middle bits are occasionally truly dazzling and frenetic and nearly wild, but never outside of a very danceable groove. For me it captures a vibrant and crowded scene, full of life and good-natured collisions. I’m having images of Dev Patel flash through my mind. Wonderful sound collage, as I recognize some bits and pieces, but you’ve repurposed them into something original and fabulous!

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I love the guitar over that fantastic rhythm. This had me dancing too. I only wish there was more of it to listen to!

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Really nice headphone mix.
Great loops; it all hangs together nicely.
Lovely acoustic bass line.
Good energetic track you got here!

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Enjoyable listen to your composition. Beautiful music, flavour, instrumentation and playing.